Discover how to achieve greater happiness and success, unleash your true power and live the life you are meant for!

  • Are the experiences of past trauma, pain or fear holding you back from living the life you want?
  • Feeling stuck and struggling with how to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your career, business, relationships, health or finances?
  • Tired of wearing a mask to the world and not being true to yourself or your desires?
  • Looking to develop spiritually, follow your own intuition and Higher Self to clear your blocks and move forward with your life?
  • Is your health and wellbeing suffering as a result of your current life situation?
  • Maybe you have tried counselling, alternative therapies or other approaches but you still feel that they have not got you to where you want to be?
  • Do you have dreams of how you would like your life to be but feel they are so out of reach that you constantly dismiss them?

You have the power within you to transform your life!


You’re ready for change and know that you’re meant for more. You’ve been searching and begging for guidance to get you to where you want to be and live your life with more happiness, ease and abundance. You’re no longer willing to accept that past experiences of trauma or pain will hold you back from being the authentic you that you long to be. You deserve happiness and success and you know it!

Fear no longer beautiful soul
for I am here to help and guide you along the way!

Having experienced quite a few traumatic and painful setbacks during my childhood and adult life, I too once lacked the know how to work through all that was weighing me down. From a young age, I have felt connected to energy and have had spiritual experiences but didn’t know how to connect these experiences to my day to day life. And although, I have had an interest in self help books and the Law of Attraction since early adulthood, it has only been in more recent years that I began to really know how to apply this learning to my own life.

Since then I’ve learned to let go of a lot of the fear that had been holding me back in life. Fear of what others would think. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being the authentic me. Fear of change. And although it was far from easy at times, it was also liberating and my perspective on almost everything changed.

I began to feel different and even healed myself from ailments and conditions some of which I had since childhood. I felt physically lighter and happier than ever before. Opportunities appeared in front of me and life as a whole began to work out exactly as I wanted it to or in many cases even better than I had imagined! And that’s how the Law of Attraction works!

The work on ourselves never really ends. There will always be more about ourselves to learn and discover. Life will continue to present challenges, however you can choose to have better control of how you want to steer your own ship and in those times of struggle know how to stay afloat much easier and avoid that sinking ship. Imagine feeling happier, more loved, at ease and having the strength to cope much better no matter what life throws at you! This is exactly what the coaching programme will teach you and more!

In the past few years, I have manifested so much into my life that I once considered to be way out of my reach. I have experienced what I consider to be miracles and outcomes to situations that I never thought possible. And along the way I have helped others do the same!

But guess what?You don’t have to jump through all of the hoops that I did or take the long way round to get the help and make changes to your life.  

As a Transformational Coach, Professional Social Worker, Bio Energy Therapist & Certified Louise Hay Teacher, I can help you uncover what has been holding you back in life so far and teach you the action steps to get you to where you want to be. 
This is possible. Read the testimonials below from some of the women that have worked with me so far.


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I first connected with Kathy when I went to her for Bio Energy Healing during my pregnancy. This transformed my life as I really began to realise its power and my own body’s ability to heal itself. I was inspired by Kathy, her business and most of all her ability to be her own boss and an amazing mum at the same time. When I found out she was a coach and that I could potentially have the same lifestyle I had to sign up!

I had battled for most of my life with low self esteem and depression at various times. I was stuck in a job where I felt totally unfulfilled. I wanted to be at home with my son more but felt trapped in my office job under the weight of financial responsibility as the sole earner for my family. I knew I wanted more from life but had no idea what or how. 

In just a few short months my life has been totally transformed. The techniques Kathy has taught me and the journey of self-discovery she has taken me on has been more beneficial than 20+years of counselling. I’ve learned to listen to my instincts and trust that I will achieve my dreams. Everything I’ve done in life (even the things I had written off as mistakes) were necessary to get me where I am today and the things I was denying and hiding from the most (my disability) are actually the very things that make me who I am supposed to be and the way I can step into my true self and have the life I want with my family and my own business.
The techniques I use now on a daily basis have made me happier, healthier, pain free, thinner (yes thinner) and more energised. Because I’m happier this is having a really positive ripple effect with my relationships with family and friends, my days are less chaotic, I achieve more (‘m working full time at the moment, setting up my new business and caring for my baby son) and best of all, for the first time in my life I am my own best friend.

I can say with certainty that had I not enrolled in the coaching program I would never have set up my business successfully. I would have probably tried lots of different things but never fully committed to anything because I was denying my true purpose all along.

I was nervous at the beginning of the programme because of the financial commitment and as I was already going through so much change in my life as a new mum. However I knew I couldn’t continue with the status quo so I took a leap of faith. The best decision I’ve ever made!

Kathy is a total inspiration. She is a consummate professional and a shining example that what she teaches actually WORKS because she lives and breathes it herself. She is warm, relaxed and fun but also isn’t afraid to challenge and push you to reach your full potential and release your inner power

I loved that I could have sessions over Skype which meant that I could easily work them around my job and family life without needing to factor in travel time. I also love the holistic nature of the programme so that every aspect of your life is in balance before embarking on your new business.

The programme has really taught me that everything I think, say and do has a knock on affect in what I get from life. My fear and stress around money was one of the main reasons I didn’t have any! The simple techniques that I have built into my life now and used to re programme my thinking are now having a positive impact, not only on me but also on my husband, family and friends. I’m excited to pass this on to my son as he grows and develops so I can see him grow and not be restricted by the limiting beliefs that held me back through so much of my life.

I can’t recommend Kathy and the programme highly enough.

To anyone who wants to change their life or just be happier, sign up for the programme, invest in yourself and you’ll be rewarded in ways you can’t even imagine! 

Sarah Griffiths, Creator and Owner of Wheelie Momma Life (Online Magazine)

work with me 1-1 and get:

12 x 1hr coaching sessions with me in person or via Skype, Messenger or Phone


Ongoing access and support from me via email or messenger during office hours throughout the 12 week programme

Relaxation methods, energy techniques and mindset practices to help bring calm, clarity and peace to your daily life

Spiritual guidance to learn and develop your own intuition and inner power

Access to resources and materials to enhance your learning and growth

Bio energy healing in person or via distant healing to help you work through any emotional or physical issues that may arise during our time together

Invitation to a private Facebook group. This is a safe place to be supported, grow and connect
with like-minded individuals on your spiritual journey together

To apply for 1 of my limited coaching sessions click on the link below:

Are you ready to go deep and uncover the hidden blocks that have been holding you back from getting you where you want to be?

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Would you like to establish peace and happiness in your daily life?

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Do you want to understand your own energy and how you work?

Are you ready to welcome success across all areas of your life?

Excited by the idea of unleashing the magic within you to heal yourself and manifest abundance across all areas of your life?

If YES then my 1-1 Ignite Your Inner Light Coaching programme is for you.

During our time together, I will intuitively guide you along your spiritual journey to enable you to tap into your own true power. You will be equipped with tools and resources to connect with the deepest parts of yourself, clear your blocks, get crystal clear on what you want and take action steps to start living the life you desire.

Rose - 12 week package

Still on the fence? That’s understandable but don’t worry. To give you a better idea of how the programme has helped others so far, have a read over Natalie’s testimonial below:

I had an instant connection with Kathy so making the decision to join the coaching programme was a simple one for me. I wanted to change my mindset and my life. I was tired of feeling a lack of direction and I had no self belief or confidence. I was stuck in a horrible place of guilt and confusion but I was oooh so ready to change. The coaching has completely changed my life around. I have went from existing to loving living. Not only have I benefited but my son has too as I feel he now has the mummy he deserves. Kathy has taught me amazing life skills that will stick by me forever… I have learned to really love and believe in myself and everyone is commenting about the massive change in me..Big things no longer scare me and I know it’s ok to chase my dreams.

Kathy helped me get clear on what I wanted to do with my life and I’m now enrolled in the course of my dreams and starting up my own business as an Equine Therapist. I feel unbelievably blessed. Thank you Kathy.

You truly are an inspirational lady with such a pure heart..I would recommend Kathy’s coaching to anybody that is ready to make change for the better…if I could bottle the love and encouragement that Kathy has, I honestly believe that it would be the cure to everything!! Here is to a wonderful future filled with magical times!!

Love and Light, Natalie xxx

Natalie Rennie, Equine Therapist, UK

I'm concerned that coaching will not be an affordable investment for me?

If you're serious about changing your life and getting the results you want then you can't afford not to invest in yourself.

I’d love to join the programme but my life is so busy that I’m not sure I’d have the time to commit?

By participating in the programme you will be equipped with tools and resources to bring more calm, clarity and ease to your daily life so that you don’t have to be running around in circles and overwhelm.

I recommend that you are able to apply at least 8 hours a week to the programme whilst we work together, however the more time and energy you invest the more you will reap the rewards. 

I am interested in developing my spiritual awareness and understanding my own energy but I have no prior experience in this?

You don’t need to have any prior experience in any of the areas I teach to join the programme. As long as you are committed to the programme and open to learning new ways of thinking, I will provide you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to make the necessary changes to your life. 

Are there any guarantees?

The programme doesn’t come with any guarantees as it comes down to how much you personally commit and invest yourself in the work and learning. 

However, I do promise that during our time together I will commit myself fully to you by giving you all of the tools and resources you need to guide you on your journey. I only work with a small number of clients each month to ensure that I provide each person with the very best that I have to offer in terms of my time and energy.